“Yuxta”. Juxtaposition is a rhetorical device that places two elements in close relationship for comparative purposes. Juxtaposition is a type of comparison. Typically, the two elements being juxtaposed have differences and the juxtaposition is meant to highlight contrasting effects.

Photographer: Rodrigo Roher

Country: Spain

Bio: RR was born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1976. He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication as well as in Social Work (Universidad de Salamanca). Fascinated by the world of art and once he settled in Madrid, Rodrigo took several Fine Arts’ courses (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Although in 2007 he became interested in photography, it is in 2013 when street photography became his most representative style. However, his knowledge in this area is totally self-taught. He collaborates with many street photography blogs and web pages, and is a member of the spanish collective “La Calle es Nuestra”.