Light. Light is the essence of Photography. Photo means Light and Graphy means Drawing with Light. So I started my series on the light in which I captured different lighting environment with different human elements. I have done this series in foggy winters. Yes, Now become my Identity. Being a photographer its a proud moment for you when people know you through your Photography style. I always love to play with light in a different situation. Light always attract me a lot. I have done lots of work on the light that’s how its became my identity. This series is special to me.


BIO | My name is Sachin Chauhan. I am an India based Street Photographer. I am a Self-taught photographer. I am doing photography for the last three years. Photography is meditation for me. I always believe in Photography is not about Expensive gears and tools, it is about capturing souls in your frame. It’s all about to show your point of view to all the world through your photographs. I always follow a Rule ” Learn from Everyone but Follow No one”.