Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

A cidade maravilhosa. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, a city that is also referred to by Brazilians as ‘a cidade maravilhosa’, the wonderful city. Its strong light, the water of the ocean and the hills on which it spreads, combine to create a setting with a peculiar quality that is hard to define in other terms than magic. There is something I find very compelling in the way in which people interact with water: its liquid surface reflects the light in ever-changing and unpredictable ways, which I enjoy to try and capture.

Photographer: Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

Country: Brazil

Bio: For my 60 birthday my husband gave me a second-hand camera and my daughter followed this up with a photography course for beginners. I was struck by the possibility of interacting with the world in this new way and I am even more in love with photography now, five years later, at the age of 65.