Be the bee body be boom, est west. What I see are fleeting moments that manifest themselves first in my mind and then in the photographs I look for in the street. I’m not trying to document, I’m not interested in that and I’m not objective. I think I kind of reject what is real and I pursue physical evidence that manifests my perception. Everything happens inside me, I talk to myself. I meet people who embody my idea of fleetingness. Probably nothing enchanting, rather indefinite and deep, like a denied look. Often the existence of something unusual is rejected, but it thrives in the human imagination. Things insinuate themselves from other possible worlds, they fill us with cold splashes and our understanding adapts to receive them. I am constantly waiting for this splash that awakens me because I perceive reality as less important than imagination, too definite and definitive. A sort of counterpoint, a whisper overwhelmed by the main voice, a background buzz I try to connect with.
Is this description of Be the bee body be boom, Est-West, too serious?
Let me be brief: more than anything else I love leaving small footprints, I enjoy getting snaps of life and death, these are the photographs.


BIO | Sara Munari was born in Milan in 1972. She has studied photography at Isfav, Higher Institute of photography and visual arts, in Padua (www.isfav.it), where she graduated as a professional photographer.
In 2001 she started La Stazione Fotografica, a studio gallery where she organized photo exhibitions and courses.
She is a teacher for History of Photography at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan (www.istitutoitalianodifotografia.it). She has collaborated with the Catholic University of Milan.
From 2005 to 2008 she was Art Director of the Leccoimmagifestival for which she organized personal exhibitions of well known and young photographers from all over Europe. She has organized workshops with prominent authors on the national scene. In 2008 she participated in the San Fedele award. She has exhibited in Italy and Europe in galleries and museums of contemporary art. Her work is part of the National Photographic Archives of Castellanza and the archive of Tor Vergata University in Rome.
She is a portfolio reader in national competitions and festivals. She has won awards at national and international level.