Being the financial capital of India and home to more than 20 million people, Mumbai can appear very chaotic from an outside point of view. «Organised Chaos» focuses on the Maximum City, as Mumbai is popularly known as, and it is the photographer’s way of seeing the city in everyday life. It depicts the different aspects of Mumbai, and it shows several places in which people usually gather.
The city has been the protagonist of bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, heavy rains choking the city – nonetheless, enthusiasm was never affected. The local trains, city traffic, beaches, and almost everything, display an enormous amount of energy in the people of Mumbai.
«Organised Chaos» is a street photography series that craves to capture the inherent city order Mumbai dwellers experience in their daily lives. Chaos is a visible force, but people have learnt to tame it well.


Sashi Bhusan Das, a financier by profession and a street shooter by passion, is an Indian photographer based in Bhubaneswar, India. Having worked with some of the leading banks and NBFCs, he has always been busy with Excel Sheets.
His journey into the world of photography began when his spouse prompted him to buy a camera for personal use. The machine that paints with light winked at him, and his creative side adventured into capturing life moments. His longing for expressing the creativity within him has always been there. Later, he discovered the joys of street photography and fully committed to the genre. In his own words, “The thrill and excitement of getting that one Oh-My-God moment keeps me motivated enough to always come back to the streets”.
Currently, he documented a series on football mania in India across various cities – with time, it became a long-term project. His photography work on Cyclone Fani that devastated his hometown showed a different way of seeing things. Now, he is planning to start a new and ambitious project to document the diversity in his country, called «Families of India».