Life in Street. I really love to see the small drama of everyday life as it is staged on the streets. Common people are my heroes and heroines who play themselves in this drama. I’m just a keen observer, a mere admirer and my job here is just to capture the candid, unposed and unguarded moments of this fascinating ‘Real Life’ drama through my own vision. I don’t interrupt or influence this show. I accept it as it is, in its original and purest form. I believe that reality can be stranger and more fascinating than what I can think of. To me that’s the charm of photography.

Photographer: Saumalya Ghosh

Country: India

Bio: Saumalya Ghosh is a Street photographer from Kolkata, India. His work and interviews have been published in several national and international magazines and websites including National Geographic, NatGeo Traveller, Better Photography, Asian Photography, ViEWORLD, International Street Photographer, Vistara, TERRA, 121Clicks, Street Photography magazine, URBAN photobook, Eccentric Outdoors and Creative Image magazine. He has won several awards including HUMANITY PHOTO AWARDS from UNESCO & China Folklore Photographic Association(2013, 2015) and CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year(2014). His work has been selected among the Finalists in different International Street Photography competitions like Miami Street Photography Festival 2017 , Sun Francisco StreetFoto 2017, URBAN Photo Awards 2017, London Street Photography Festival 2017 etc. His work has been exhibited in different national and international galleries in Agra, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Greece, China, London, San Francisco and Miami. He is also a member of “In-Street” street photography collective.