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Discover the Fine Art prints from Shah Toufiqur Rahman’s series “A World of Paradox” and get a unique work of art from the best contemporary photographers.

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Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi

“A World of Paradox”

Shah Toufiqur Rahman’s series, titled “A World of Paradox“, is characterized by its use of vivid colors and the interplay between light and shadow, ultimately creating images with remarkable depth, vibrancy, and dimensionality.

Rahman’s artistic approach revolves around the idea that extraordinary beauty can be discovered in the most mundane and ordinary aspects of our lives. By capturing everyday moments and objects through his lens, he seeks to convey this powerful message.

In “A World of Paradox“, Shah Toufiqur Rahman skillfully employs an approach that not only adds depth and dimension to his images but also captures a sense of balance and harmony. The juxtaposition of light and shadow emphasizes the paradoxical nature of the world, revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary.

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© Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi
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© Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi
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© Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi

A World of Paradox

The Beauty Hidden Within

The photographer’s use of color plays a crucial role in establishing balance and harmony within his images. His keen eye for color coordination and juxtaposition creates an immersive visual experience, drawing viewers into each photograph and allowing them to appreciate the subtle nuances of everyday life. 

Shah Toufiqur Rahman’s “A World of Paradox” series demonstrates the artist’s exceptional talent for capturing the extraordinary beauty in everyday objects and experiences. Through his masterful use of light, shadow, and color, Shah creates images that resonate with viewers, inviting them to explore the world of paradox and to appreciate the beauty hidden within the ordinary.

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Open Call Minumal

Eyeshot Magazine #10 | Open Call Edition

This is the tenth issue of Eyeshot Magazine always in limited edition of 500 copies, showcasing the thoughtful and creative photographs of the 70 talented photographers who have been selected as the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022. The artworks were chosen from over 6000 photographssubmitted from more than 100 different countries, making this a truly global showcase of street and documentary photography.

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© Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi
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© Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi
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© Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi

The Photographer

Shah Toufiqur Rahman has found a unique way to balance his professional life as a doctor with his passion for photography. His journey through life has been marked by a deep curiosity and a desire to explore the unknown, driven by his fascination with the uncertainties that life presents.

Through the lens of his camera, he finds a means to meditate on the ever-changing world around him. Each snapshot captures a fleeting moment, preserving it in time and providing a window into the lives of those he encounters. Street photography allows the photographer to delve into the human experience, finding beauty and meaning in the everyday.

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Open Call 22

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Single Category

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Series Category

Eyeshot Open Call 2022: Showcasing Global Talents

The 2022 Eyeshot Open Call saw the submission of over 6.000 photographs by incredibly talented photographers from over 100 different countries. With the participation on an extraordinary jury composed of Marco Savarese, founder and editor-in-chief of Eyeshot, Magnum photographers such as Trent Parke and Emin Özmen, leading representatives of street and documentary photography scene – Vineet Vohra, Siegfried Hansen, Koci Hernandez , Mark Abramson and Isadora Kosofsky – and winners of the World Press Photo Award – Narelle Autio and Kitra Cahana – these artworks were selected for their visual storytelling, creativity, and style in conveying their unique observations of contemporary reality.

Street and documentary photography feel the urgency to elevate the streets of the world into theaters without requiring humans to perform. In front of each of these images, you can mirror yourself. Or you can also just look at them.


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