Through this project, Photographer Shikha Sood wants to convey the emotions, mood and drama of daily life in the city of Mumbai in India, formerly known as Bombay. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. People from other cities and small villages move there for better career prospects and this is the reason why Mumbai is also known as “The City of Dreams”. The city is a paradise for photographers, full of vibrancy, colors and energy. In her shots, Shikha Sood simply tries to show the situations and views that strike her the most. She often goes around the city, trying to capture spontaneous moments and show the simplicity and essence of everyday life.


Shikha Sood is a Photographer based in Mumbai. She enjoys documenting different stories, cultures, lifestyles and day to day activities. She loves capturing people and portraying their daily lives as well as the stories that revolve around them. For her, every day represents a different and refreshing opportunity to be inspired by the vibrant and dynamic colors of her city. She considers Photography a divine journey that has changed her perspective on life.