Shin Noguchi captures people living their daily lives because there are moments they themselves do not realize are more beautiful and full of a human touch than the carefully choreographed films of Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, or the plays of Shakespeare.
He attempts to visualize Mark Twain’s words “Truth is stranger than fiction,” and to prove their truthfulness. The photographer wants to share these beautiful moments with other people and, at the same time, he wants them to understand that extraordinary moments exist in our daily lives and can happen anywhere and at any time.
“I am here, simply here. You are here, simply here. There is something here, something beautiful, something special. It may last only a moment, but we are always connected to each other. I want you to feel it when you see my work. You are not alone. There is always someone in the world keeping an eye on your struggle.”


Shin Noguchi, born 1976, is an award-winning street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo, Japan, and is a member of the iN-PUBLiC street photography collective. He describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, humanism, and beauty in the flow of everyday life. With his discreet, poetic, and enigmatic approach to his art, Shin is able to capture the subtleties and complexities of Japanese culture without relying on staged, no-finder, or hip shot photography.
Shin was the 2014 Winner of the MAP Talent Prize at the Festival de photo Toulouse. He has been featured on the Leica Camera Blog six times, as well as The Independent newspaper, the Liberation, and numerous other web and print publications.