Vineet Vohra’s Online Masterclass


After the incredible success of Naples, Eyeshot is embarking on a unique learning journey into the realm of street photography with “Learning to See”, an online street photography masterclass with Vineet Vohra. Led by one of the most influential street photographers and a celebrated Leica Ambassador, Vineet Vohra, with his rich sensibility and years of experience, he will guide participants through the art of street photography sharing invaluable insights on leveraging vision and light to create compelling narratives within a frame.
This masterclass with 15 learning modules and 2+ hours of immersive content is your opportunity to embark on a personal journey of discovery, creativity, and expression, guided by one of the best in the field.

To ensure accessibility this masterclass is available in five different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

Learning TO SEE

The Art of Visual Storytelling with Vineet Vohra

This online masterclass is designed for those who aspire to refine their photographic vision and carve out a unique voice in their imagery. With a focus on the intricate art of visual storytelling, participants will dive into the complexities of street photography, mastering the nuanced skills of layering, fine-tuning vision, and cultivating a distinctive style that resonates.


Cultivating a Unique Photographic Voice

The masterclass stands as a beacon for photographers aiming to transform ordinary scenes into powerful photographic stories. Vineet Vohra’s approach to teaching goes beyond the technical, delving into what makes an image truly stand out. Through comprehensive modules, participants will learn the significance of image sequencing, the multifaceted interpretations of visuals, and the crucial role of connecting with the subject matter on a deeper level.

This online journey offers an unparalleled opportunity to observe and practice alongside Vineet Vohra, observing his methodical approach to capturing life’s fleeting moments. This hands-on experience allows participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, fostering a learning environment that is both inspiring and challenging. Beyond acquiring technical prowess, this masterclass is an invitation to embark on a personal journey of discovery, creativity, and expression.

An Eyeshot Masterclass

Learning Objectives

01 Foundations of Street Photography
  1. Chapter 1: Introduction to Street Photography
  2. Chapter 2: Seeing Beyond Sight
  3. Chapter 3: Understanding and Capturing the Moment
02 Creativity and Composition
  1. Chapter 4: Composition, Creativity, and Connecting with the Subject
  2. Chapter 5: Composition and Visual Elements
  3. Chapter 6: Final Reflections Before Shooting
03 Practical Techniques and Observation
  1. Chapter 7: Practical Guide to Street Photography in Naples
  2. Chapter 8: Mastery Through Observation
  3. Chapter 9: The Importance of Perspective
04 Advanced Concepts in Street Photography
  1. Chapter 10: Street Photography vs Documentary Photography
  2. Chapter 11: How to Approach Street Photography
  3. Chapter 12: Crafting Depth and Harmony
05 Mastering the Craft
  1. Chapter 13: Technical Settings and Gear for Practical Shooting
  2. Chapter 14: Final Considerations and Personal Style
  3. Chapter 15: Observation and Creativity in Outdoor Street Photography

The Photographer

Vineet Vohra

Born in 1973, Vineet Vohra is an internationally celebrated street photographer based in New Delhi, India. Vohra is a Leica Ambassador and, its first Indian photographer in the history of Leica. He is largely considered as one of the most influential street photographers of his generation.

Rooted in fine arts, Vineet’s photographic vision is a tapestry of complex, modern, and playful juxtapositions. His mastery lies in combining content, composition and light to craft not just individual shots but also cohesive sequences. Vineet’s distinct attributes lie in his ability to bring order to the chaos of the streets, persistently engaging with scenes until achieving the perfect alignment.

Beyond his passion for photography, Vineet is an accomplished mentor in street photography. His workshops, spanning Asia, Europe, and the US, are testaments to his vast teaching experience.

The Photographer’s Vision

“The most important key thing in learning is the willingness to unlearn. That is the time that learning will start.”

Vineet Vohra

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