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Simon Kossoff’s “Altered States of Agoraphobia”


“Altered States of Agoraphobia” is the first book of the British photographer Simon Kossoff, with a foreword by Blake Andrews. 123 psychogeography photographs immerse us in the author’s half-truth and half-fiction all over the USA. In over two decades of changing times, countries, jobs, loves, and losses, photography has been Kossoff’s only constant and his camera has performed in the role of quiet instructor in the practice of paying attention.

Travelling through difficult and uncertain times, his photographs connect the search for personal orientation, between the dreams or ideas of a place and his actual experience of it in reality. It is a journey that explores the destination.

“Altered States of Agoraphobia” comes in two different limited-editions: White Edition and Black Edition. The Black Edition features one unique Fine Art Photograph (30×20 cm) that has never been printed for sales before, and exclusively available through the purchasing of the book only.

The Photographer

Simon Kossoff

Simon Kossoff is a British photographer now living in Arkansas, USA. His passion for photography began in school using a Polaroid camera which set about a lifelong enquiry into his own perception. Kossoff spent extended time living in Norway, Spain, and Thailand. He has worked as an English teacher, Emergency Medical Technician, and a Security Guard. Kossoff has published his work in numerous fringe and largely independent editions and he has exhibited his work in the UK, France, and the United States where he moved in 2008.

The Monograph

“Altered States of Agoraphobia”

Since his arrival in the U.S., Kossoff has circled the country in his car numerous times, camping in the wilds and falling in love with the vast spaces between the cities and the people who live there. Traveling alone, with his camera and notebooks, he has spent much of his time, here, there, and mostly in the middle of nowhere. His work takes us on a psycho-geographical road trip, filled with the anxiety of the agoraphobic.

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The Photographer’s Vision

“I like to flatten everything out in a photograph, like on an even plane like a comic graphic in that way. It may inform my use of flash and how I seem to compose. I am embracing it and it knows what it wants to do and I trust it. I have found myself sequencing pictures this way too.”

Simon Kossoff

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