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Fever by Paolo Marchetti


“FEVER: An Undercover Journey” by internationally renowned documentary photographer Paolo Marchetti is a compelling and thought-provoking photographic investigation into a primordial feeling that is increasingly affecting our society: the rage.
“FEVER” is a five-year long odyssey into the complex and often disturbing motivations and realities fueling the resurgence of far-right movements across Europe. This photographic journey captures the ramifications of distant conflicts and their ability to reverberate beyond geographical borders, triggering new wars for new armies lacking rifles but armed with moral hostility.

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The Interview

Rage Fever: An Exclusive Interview with Paolo Marchetti

Today’s society is increasingly gripped by a primordial feeling: rage. Internationally acclaimed documentary photographer Paolo Marchetti delves into this escalating phenomenon in his latest book, “FEVER: An Undercover Journey”. Through an intimate and sometimes disconcerting lens, Marchetti takes us on a five-year journey into the complex motivations and realities fueling the resurgence of far-right movements across Europe. The book, rich with powerful imagery, highlights the impact of distant conflicts and their ability to reverberate beyond geographical borders, sparking new wars fought not with rifles, but with moral hostility.

Product details

“Fever: An Undercover Journey”

At the heart of contemporary issues, what is blowing oxygen to the flame of intolerance and closure is a growing economic and political crisis that is awakening (not so) old ideological streams.

In these conditions of individual closure and the re-emergence of discriminatory philosophies, a perfect storm is ready to rock out, and the awakening of fascism as its hammer.
Paolo Marchetti’s photographic project and sociological quest expose a world of violence, unity against a common enemy and raw humanity.

As a homage to Italy, the country of his birth, the publication exhibits a thoughtful bilingual approach. It will present its content in both English and Italian, creating a distinctive experience that acknowledges the global reach of Marchetti’s work while staying true to his roots. This harmonious integration of two languages enhances the narrative, offering a deeper exploration of the imagery in “FEVER: An Undercover Journey”, and uniquely connecting readers to the essence of Marchetti’s photographic journey.

The Photographer

Paolo Marchetti

Paolo Marchetti is a National Geographic “The Photo Society” fellow and an award and grant winning independent photographer based in Rome, Italy. Before turning to documentary photography, Marchetti worked for thirteen years in the cinematographic and commercial industry, covering each role in the Camera Department alongside the world’s greatest cinematographers.

In his photography, Marchetti has always paid particular attention to political and anthropological issues embarking on a freelance career focusing on a combination of long-term personal projects and client assignments.

Marchetti’s projects have been featured in prestigious international publications such as L’Espresso, Vanity Fair, The Guardian, Le Monde, National Geographic, and The New York Times. He has received several international recognitions, including the “World Press Photo” award, the “Leica Photographer” award, ten consecutive NPPA Best of Photojournalism awards, eight PDN’s Awards, and eight POY – Picture of the Year awards, three of which were in the esteemed Photographer of the Year category.

The Monograph

An Insider’s Perspective

Between 2009 and February 2014, Marchetti travelled through five different European countries – Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, and Hungary – each remarkable in its own right, but yet all bound by the same thread: the pervasive existence of fear and anger, powerful emotions that “act as an aerobic germ and have the power to contaminate those living in close proximity, much like the fever”.

Paolo Marchetti began his photographic journey by researching into the triggers and the various emotional layers through which anger can manifest itself by becoming emotionally invested through direct experience.

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The Photographer’s Vision

“FEVER” is not only a political deepening, but it is my opportunity to investigate our times, to study in depth a primordial feeling that is affecting more and more of our societies: the rage”.

Paolo Marchetti

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