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Andrea Torrei’s “Realities Hidden Within”


“Realities Hidden Within” is the first book of the Italian documentary photographer Andrea Torrei, with an introduction by Sandro Parmiggiani. Over 130 photographs narrate a long journey through different cultures. Due to her background, Andrea Torrei has been involved for years in the problems of that suffering portion of humanity that inhabits a large part of our planet.

Torrei was able to develop close relationships with people she met and places she visited through a deep immersion in the local culture, the efforts and sufferings of women and children. She gave herself up to photography and discovered the visible and mysterious realities hidden within.

“Realities Hidden Within” comes in two different limited-editions: White Edition and Black Edition. The Black Edition features one unique Fine Art Photograph (30×20 cm) that has never been printed for sales before, and exclusively available through the purchasing of the book only.

The Photographer

Andrea Torrei

Andrea Torrei (1967) is an Italian photographer based in Rome, Italy. Passionate about history, law, and politics, Andrea has worked for associations and NGOs to help women and children for several years. Her studies and background strongly shaped how she perceives the environment and photographs it. Her work often brought her to travel abroad.

The Monograph

“Realities Hidden Within”

As the first book of the Italian photographer, “Realities Hidden Within” represents the ability to see beyond what is sanctioned as habitual. The photographs taken by Andrea Torrei bring us immediate impressions of colors, geometric proportions, and balances. They become metaphors for a profound sense of the universal human condition and challenge the sentimental education of the viewer.

Designed and Made in Italy

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EFC: ELEMENTARY CHLORINE FREE. It’s an environmentally friendly type of paper that has been bleached with products free of elemental chlorine. By replacing it with chlorine dioxide, polluting emissions are reduced by 90%.

FSC® MIX. The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the internationally recognised forestry certification systems, which guarantees the proper management of forests and the traceability of the resulting products.

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The Photographer’s Vision

“Street photography regards mainly people, the capture of a fleeting moment. A photo can be blurred, out of focus, and yet of strong and great impact.”

Andrea Torrei

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