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Bulgaria #8


“Bulgaria” is the eighth issue of Eyeshot Magazine and marks the beginning of a new journey through the world’s most iconic nations, as captured by the eyes of the world’s most prestigious street photographers. This first issue of the series collection turns its attention to Bulgaria, the quintessential Balkan country, showcasing the unique perspectives of 17 of the best Bulgarian street photographers.
This exclusive publication, available in a paper-only version, is limited to 500 copies. Under the vision and curatorship of Marco Savarese, Eyeshot embarks on a new series that will traverse every corner of the Earth through the lens of street photography.
Eyeshot’s “Bulgaria” magazine is printed on high-quality Fedrigoni X-Per paper and measures 21×27 cm with a total of 188 pages featuring 17 street photographers. The striking front cover is by Svilen Nachev, with the back cover by Vladimir Yavorov, and the opening text by Veronica Gabbuti. This issue serves as a compelling exploration of Bulgaria’s unique atmosphere and captivating street scenes.

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© Martin Iliev
© Mihaela Aroyo
© Vladimir Yavorov
© Denislav Stoychev
© Desislava Stancheva

Photographers featured:

Alexander Dimitrov, Alexander Stanishev, Denis Buchel, Denislav Stoychev, Desislava Stancheva, Liubomir Skumov, Martin Aleksandrov Iliev, Mihaela Aroyo, Pavel G. Vesnakov, Penko Skumov, Stefan Kolev, Stoyan Nikolaev, Svilen Nachev, Valery Poshtarov, Ventsislav Lalev, Vladimir Yavorov, Yasen Velchev.

Designed and Made in Italy

Fedrigoni Papers

Eyeshot uses only papers from Fedrigoni, an Italian paper mill founded in 1888 in Verona. All Fedrigoni’s papers are FSC® certified, made from pure ECF pulp. Every product is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

X-Per Premium White 14og/m2 is a sharp and uncoated paper with a special treatment to enhance the feeling and allow for particularly sharp and brilliant printing. Its opacity and print contrast makes it an extraordinary choice for publishing Eyeshot’s exclusive magazines.


EFC: ELEMENTARY CHLORINE FREE. It’s an environmentally friendly type of paper that has been bleached with products free of elemental chlorine. By replacing it with chlorine dioxide, polluting emissions are reduced by 90%.

FSC® MIX. The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the internationally recognised forestry certification systems, which guarantees the proper management of forests and the traceability of the resulting products.

HEAVY METAL ABSENCE. Paper and packaging are produced in a way that allows them to be reused and recycled. The absence of harmful metals and other substances and materials that are hazardous to human health is guaranteed.

LONG LIFE: ISO 9706. This certification ensures that paper production recycles more CO2 than it emits, thus reducing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere that causes global warming. In compliance with ISO 9706 standards, the paper we use is acid-free which gives it resistance to light, wear and tear, and durability over time. It can be stored for up to 200 years.

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