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Open Call 2023 Edition #11


Presenting the eleventh issue of Eyeshot Magazine, a masterfully curated and eco-sustainable publication, produced in a limited edition. This is not just a magazine; it’s a work of art, printed on premium Fedrigoni paper, entirely made in Italy. As an eco-sustainable publisher, Eyeshot ensures that each copy not only meets the highest artistic standards but also aligns with our values of environmental responsibility.

Our journey to this moment has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a relentless commitment, our small yet incredibly devoted team of 4 has invested over 3,000 hours of work, 7 days a week, to bring the Eyeshot Open Call 2023 to a triumphant conclusion. Through the lenses of talented photographers from around the globe, we’ve captured the very essence of street and documentary photography. This year’s theme, “The Human Being,” has allowed us to explore the myriad facets of human experience. From the hustle and bustle of urban life to the tranquility of rural landscapes, from candid snapshots to profound human conditions, the submissions have showcased life in its most authentic forms. With an overwhelming 15,000 photographs submitted from over 100 different countries, the level of passion and creativity has been awe-inspiring.

The selection process was rigorous, overseen by an esteemed panel of jurors that includes industry luminaries such as Trent Parke, F. Dilek Yurdakul, Mark Abramson, Isadora Kosofsky, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Kitra Cahana, Richard Koci Hernandez, Narelle Autio, Emin Özmen, and Marco Savarese, the driving force behind Eyeshot.

The curation and sequencing of this issue have been a collaborative labor of love, meticulously designed to create a body of work that is not just a collection but an enduring narrative, greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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© Max Sturgeon
© Thomas Giotopoulos
© Lionel Leo
© Danielle L Goldstein
© Sean Fryxell

Photographers featured:

A B M Nayeem Siddiquee, Andrea Peruzzi, Abhishek Singh, Ananya Das, Anil Purohit, Antonios Pasvantis, Argus Paul Estabrook, Bade Fuwa, Brad Jones, Cenk Efe Bayirli, Chris Harrison, Daniel Brusilo, Daniel Sackheim, Danielle L Goldstein, Deepbrata Dutta, Edoardo Marangon, Fabio Renzi, Franco Rua Poemape, Ilia Denbrov, Jason Au, Jodi Rogers, Juan Rodríguez Morales, Jubair Ahmed Arnob, Karim Mottaghi, Katerina Churbakova, Latife Solak Baudet, Liliana Ranalletta, Lionel Leo, Max Sturgeon, Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati, Md.arifuzzaman, Mehrdad Vahed Yousefabad, Orna Naor, Pavel Velez, Pawel Kosicki, Pritam Sarkar, Priyanshu Singh, Prosanjit Kumar, Raghav Sethi, Regula Tschumi, Richard Mills, Roberta Vagliani, Rollo Hollins, Santanu Bose, Sean Fryxell, Sehmuz Bayhan, Simone Mantia, Siodos, Spiros Loukopoulos, Thomas Giotopoulos, Xin Permhansa, Yasen Velchev, Yosuke Shimizu.

© Xin Permhansa

Designed and Made in Italy

Fedrigoni Papers

Eyeshot uses only papers from Fedrigoni, an Italian paper mill founded in 1888 in Verona. All Fedrigoni’s papers are FSC® certified, made from pure ECF pulp. Every product is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

X-Per Premium White 14og/m2 is a sharp and uncoated paper with a special treatment to enhance the feeling and allow for particularly sharp and brilliant printing. Its opacity and print contrast makes it an extraordinary choice for publishing Eyeshot’s exclusive magazines.


EFC: ELEMENTARY CHLORINE FREE. It’s an environmentally friendly type of paper that has been bleached with products free of elemental chlorine. By replacing it with chlorine dioxide, polluting emissions are reduced by 90%.

FSC® MIX. The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the internationally recognised forestry certification systems, which guarantees the proper management of forests and the traceability of the resulting products.

HEAVY METAL ABSENCE. Paper and packaging are produced in a way that allows them to be reused and recycled. The absence of harmful metals and other substances and materials that are hazardous to human health is guaranteed.

LONG LIFE: ISO 9706. This certification ensures that paper production recycles more CO2 than it emits, thus reducing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere that causes global warming. In compliance with ISO 9706 standards, the paper we use is acid-free which gives it resistance to light, wear and tear, and durability over time. It can be stored for up to 200 years.

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