Melodies in Pixels: A Snapshot of Naples’ Master Luthiers


In this Eyeshot’s immersive photographic experience led by professional street photographer Francesca Chiacchio, we invite you to ‘strung together’ in a photographic odyssey that delves into the soul of Naples through its iconic luthiers. Step into the time-honored Calace family luthier and the vibrant young workshop of Gaetano Pucino. Here, every chisel cut and brush stroke is an orchestrated piece of a larger symphony—one that you get to capture through your lens.

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The photo-experience is offered in both English and Italian.

EYESHOT EXPERIENCE: A Symphony of Tradition and Innovation

Calace Family Shop: An Ode to Artisanal Excellence

The Calace family luthiery is a sanctuary of craftsmanship, flourishing since 1825. Managed by Raffaele Jr., grandson of a composer and musician who elevated the mandolin’s status in the East, and his daughter Annamaria, this shop is a living monument to generational skill and creativity. Its founder’s brilliance is evident in various patented inventions, including the iconic “Mandolira” of 1895—a specimen of which is showcased in New York’s Metropolitan Museum, crafted by family friend and collaborator Nicola Turturro.
Located in the historic “Palazzo di Sangro,” also known as the Palace of the Prince of San Severo, the Calace luthiery sits in a place of immense cultural significance. The famed San Severo Chapel, with its rich history and architecture, lies just behind the palace, making the area a nexus of art, history, and craftsmanship.

Within this luthiery, tradition is not just maintained but venerated. Wooden tools, each a historical artifact, are meticulously organized on the walls. An ancient furnace still functions, bending wooden slats as it has for countless generations. A team of six dedicated artisans brings the mandolin to life, adorning and tailoring each piece to meet the exacting standards of an international clientele, notably from Japan and South Korea.
For photographers, the luthiery offers unmatched opportunities to document the lifecycle of a mandolin, from its skeletal wooden slats to the elaborate carvings that adorn its back.

A Photographic Journey into naples’ Musical Heritage

Liutarte: A Modern Muse with Historic Allure

Just a few steps away, in the same historic building, lies “Liutarte,” the brainchild of Gaetano Pucino. Gaetano Pucino studied in Cremona, Italy, the international capital of luthiery, also famous as the birthplace of Stradivari, the world’s most renowned luthier. In 2012, UNESCO recognized Cremona’s traditional violin craftsmanship as part of the world’s oral and intangible heritage.

Though founded as recently as 1999, this shop is far from lacking in character. Gaetano, a young luthier, draws inspiration from the rich 18th-century Neapolitan styles, evident in the reddish hue of the varnish that coats his violins, violas, and cellos. Despite its relative youth, “Liutarte” exudes a compelling aura. Each room within the shop serves as a gallery, where tools and instruments are displayed as if they were works of art. The shop itself serves as a dynamic gallery, where each instrument and tool is presented as a piece of art. This layout, coupled with the rich colors and textures of the instruments, provides a sumptuous visual playground for photographers.

Program highlights

Eyeshot Experience Detailed Schedule

The day starts with an intimate tour of the Calace luthier shop, capturing the art of mandolin-making. We then shift to Gaetano Pucino’s Liutarte for a different flavor of stringed instrument craftsmanship.

The day concludes with an in-depth review and editing session led by Francesca, where your day’s captures transform into refined works of art.

Eyeshot workshop experience

Schedule Details

Morning Session | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the Calace family locations

Mid-Day Session| 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM at Gaetano Pucino’s Liutarte

Lunch Break | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Afternoon Review & Editing | 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Magazzini Fotografici

Meet Your Guide:
Francesca Chiacchio

Francesca Chiacchio is a Naples-born photographer whose work has taken the international stage by storm. Initially trained as an architect, she found her true calling in street photography. Since 2017, her work has gained international recognition and has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and festivals. She is a prominent member of the global collective “Through the Lands” and holds the distinction of being among the 100 “Women Street Photographers” book. She has also been a guest curator for Women In Street and a speaker at the Italian Street Photo Festival. Notably, her collection “Napolism” won second prize at the 2023 Gothenburg Street Photography Festival. Now a respected educator, Francesca is shaping the future of art and street photography.

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