Quartieri Spagnoli, Naples: Unveiling the Layers of a Vibrant Enigma


Step into the pulsating heart of Naples with professional street photographer Francesca Chiacchio in Eyeshot’s evocative photoexperience, “The Beat of Quartieri Spagnoli: A Journey Through Time and Change.” This editorial experience dives deep into the realities of gentrification and tourism in one of Naples’ most iconic neighborhoods. It offers an expansive canvas to explore the evolving dynamics between its spirited residents and the growing tide of tourists.

The photo-experience is offered in both English and Italian.

EYESHOT EXPERIENCE: Gentrification and Tourism

The Backdrop: Quartieri Spagnoli

Rich in history and often misunderstood, Quartieri Spagnoli is an open book narrating the intricate layers of Naples’ social and cultural fabric. Established in the 16th century as a Spanish military neighborhood under the viceroyalty of Don Pedro de Toledo, it was initially designed to house Spanish garrisons with the intent to exert control over the city and quell any form of uprising.

Over centuries, the Quartieri Spagnoli witnessed a fascinating metamorphosis. The soldiers were replaced by a vibrant community of artisans, traders, and everyday Napoletanos whose lives intricately wove the social fabric of this neighborhood. Today, the Quartieri Spagnoli stands at a crossroads, where time-honored traditions collide with the influences of modern tourism and urban renewal.

Visual Narratives: Delving into Authenticity

Voices Amidst Change

The aim of the experience is to capture the soul of Quartieri Spagnoli through a series of five images that tell the tales of a neighborhood in flux. Venture past the tourist highlights and delve into authentic local life. The heartbeats of Quartieri Spagnoli pulse within its residents, whose narratives are as varied as the shades of colors that grace the ancient yet ever-changing streets.

Through your shots, enrich your visual narrative by embracing the essence of a community that holds tight to its roots while facing the waves of change with an enduring spirit. In each click, let the juxtaposition of the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, the familiar with the transient, come alive.

Program highlights

Eyeshot Experience Detailed Schedule

Your day begins at Quartieri Spagnoli, led by Claudio Menna. You’ll explore the bustling streets, absorbing the neighborhood’s energetic pulse. Here, you’ll have the chance to go beyond the surface, capturing the authentic local life, historical landmarks, and the unique interplay between residents and tourists.

The afternoon session shifts to a critique and editing session with Claudio, where he will guide you in selecting meaningful images that encapsulate the essence of Quartieri Spagnoli. This is more than a photo review; Claudio will teach you how to weave your shots into a compelling visual narrative that resonates with depthmeaning, and your own unique vision.

Eyeshot workshop experience

Schedule Details

Pre-Shoot Briefing | Engage in an in-depth discussion with Claudio about the neighborhood’s history and the day’s objectives.

Morning Session | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Meet at Via Toledo.

Lunch Break | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Afternoon Review & Editing | 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM at Magazzini Fotografici.

Meet Your Guide:
Francesca Chiacchio

Francesca Chiacchio is a Naples-born photographer whose work has taken the international stage by storm. Initially trained as an architect, she found her true calling in street photography. Since 2017, her work has gained international recognition and has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and festivals. She is a prominent member of the global collective “Through the Lands” and holds the distinction of being among the 100 “Women Street Photographers” book. She has also been a guest curator for Women In Street and a speaker at the Italian Street Photo Festival. Notably, her collection “Napolism” won second prize at the 2023 Gothenburg Street Photography Festival. Now a respected educator, Francesca is shaping the future of art and street photography.

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