Errances Urbaines. Through my photos, I am simply trying to show the moments and the points of view that challenged me, the trivial things that can take an aesthetic dimension according to the way you look at them. I like the way photography can isolate a piece of reality and show a fragment of the city. Sometimes a detail attracts my attention by its simplicity and its geometry, sometimes a place becomes the theater where a passerby comes to recall our own unconscious presence in this environment.
At each outing, I have the impression of discovering new things that the day before I would not have seen, it is this wonder always renewed that pushes me to continue to observe, to explore and to share my vision.

COUNTRY | France

BIO | As a townsman, I spend most of my time in the city, it is the environment in which I grew up and I always liked to explore it like a labyrinth, to see a little further in each place in which one is generally satisfied to just pass. I like to discover the streets that I would not have taken usually, look at each little details that make up this set and marvel at all the things you do not see at first sight.