Shot Stories | As a practicing street photographer for the last 5 years, my constant effort has been to keep the city or country where I come from in perspective. In each photograph beyond the abstract, informal, geometrical ideas you will get an essence of the city/town the shot was taken. Be it daily garbage, local train commute, empty water can carrying in the law-offices area, pot maker, famous cows of Varanasi or a mirror-seller in a vegetable market in Kolkata, India, these are snippets of everyday life with a sauce of surrealism and abstractness.


BIO | I am Soumyendra Narayan Saha, 47, an erstwhile software engineer in the Networking domain. I practice street photography mainly in Kolkata and Varanasi, India. I had been a software engineer for 12 years when I quit my job partly out of disillusionment and partly because I was bored with crunching 0s and 1s. So with a lot of time to spare, I decided to shoot the streets one day and that was it – I was hooked. I started watching photographs online, and also listened to Indian Classical music and watched movies at the local cine club to whet my artistic appetite. Today after 5 years on the street, there is hardly any street/lane/gully in Calcutta that I haven’t walked with a camera, or, maybe that is too ambitious.
My practice has recently revealed long calcium deposits on both my heels which I found on X-Ray at a hospital after a heel pain won’t go away. Also, there have been difficult times on the family front with a rare serious, but curable, illness of my daughter but photography kept the spirit alive, the desire to find more and to document or story-tell more was always there.