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Discover the Fine Art prints from Spiros Loukopoulos’ series “This is Not a Series” and get a unique work of art from the best contemporary photographers.

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Spiros Loukopoulos

“This is Not a Series”

Spiros Loukopoulos’ photography series delves into the realm of emotions, transcending mere visual representations.

The photographer masterfully captures humorous elements and clever touches, while simultaneously exploring his fascination with the macabre. This romantic approach harkens back to a more traditional style of photography, where life’s essence is distilled into its most simplistic form. 

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Unearthing Hidden Worlds

Loukopoulos focuses on everyday occurrences that often go unnoticed, capturing snippets of life that we inadvertently overlook. By freezing these ordinary, unseen moments, he sheds light on the extraordinary.

“When I capture an odd moment that is almost eerie or out of place in these basic everyday events or places, it creates a unique and obscure feeling when I realize the possibility of the existence of another world within the world we see and live.”

For the photographer, the title of the series represents the ongoing nature of this exploration. He acknowledges the impossibility of encapsulating the infinite array of emotions, happenings, and moments life has to offer.

“How could anyone do that? The only thing I can do is try to feel and understand some of them.”

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Open Call Minumal

Eyeshot Magazine #10 | Open Call Edition

This is the tenth issue of Eyeshot Magazine always in limited edition of 500 copies, showcasing the thoughtful and creative photographs of the 70 talented photographers who have been selected as the winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the Eyeshot Open Call 2022. The artworks were chosen from over 6000 photographssubmitted from more than 100 different countries, making this a truly global showcase of street and documentary photography.

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© Spiros Loukopoulos
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© Spiros Loukopoulos
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© Spiros Loukopoulos

The Photographer

Spiros is an amateur photographer, born in Patras – Greece in 1985. He moved to Copenhagen, Denmark at about 7 years ago. He studied Civil Engineering and worked in that field for some years but now he is working in the food and drinks Industry.

He has studied painting and freehand sketching. He started with hagiography at the age of 10 and he has experiment with many different forms and mediums of expression. Graffiti was a big part of his life have for several years before he decides (for now) that photography is the medium that speaks his language best.

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Open Call 22

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Single Category

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Series Category

Eyeshot Open Call 2022: Showcasing Global Talents

The 2022 Eyeshot Open Call saw the submission of over 6.000 photographs by incredibly talented photographers from over 100 different countries. With the participation on an extraordinary jury composed of Marco Savarese, founder and editor-in-chief of Eyeshot, Magnum photographers such as Trent Parke and Emin Özmen, leading representatives of street and documentary photography scene – Vineet Vohra, Siegfried Hansen, Koci Hernandez , Mark Abramson and Isadora Kosofsky – and winners of the World Press Photo Award – Narelle Autio and Kitra Cahana – these artworks were selected for their visual storytelling, creativity, and style in conveying their unique observations of contemporary reality.

Street and documentary photography feel the urgency to elevate the streets of the world into theaters without requiring humans to perform. In front of each of these images, you can mirror yourself. Or you can also just look at them.


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