From inside me. About this project, I started writing somewhere in 2013, along with the camera. I then started looking for pictures that came from somewhere inside me and found myself in my meetings with people, places, and beings that I met. My pictures are not about the immediate reality, but rather about something that exists in each of us, in the subconscious, is a small world of the subconscious of each of us.

COUNTRY | Romania

BIO | I began shooting in 2011 slowly, slowly … with small steps and many questions about photography. In 2013 I attended the courses of the Photographic School of Poetry Francis Mraz. It was the time when I learned to see everything with other eyes, to learn that you need a lot of time and patience to see a photo. I learned that the photo is given to the one who is waiting patiently for her to come … I try to communicate with others with my pictures.