Moroccan wanderings. “Moroccan wanderings” is a work done in Morocco during two trips. This series is a work still in progress as it will lead to an exhibition and a book next year. My objective is to transcribe in my photographs the atmosphere of an artistic trend that is dear to me: magical realism. In the magical realism, we are in reality, but everything in the image gives the impression of being in an unreal fiction. Morocco is a country where the conditions for creating images of this type are well met:
– as in most Muslim countries, many things are hidden or even secret (primarily women), which creates an impression of mystery;
– the modesty of the population and the restraint of mentalities is part of the architecture of cities, where walls, alleys, courtyards and other skylights or, on the contrary, obscure islets are omnipresent;
– the abundance of colors (and the visual rhymes that result from it) is striking;
– the human excitement on the street (and the complexity of the frame that often results from it) is permanent.

COUNTRY | Belgium

BIO | I am a street photographer and I live in Belgium. My works have been exhibited several times in my country (notably as part of the off-program of photo festival “Biennale de l’image possible”), but also in France. Recently I had the chance to have a photo from my project “Moroccan wanderings” selected to be exhibited as part of the collective exhibition “it’s So Street” at the Salon de la Photo in Paris.