SPARKS. These photographs have been taken over the past twenty years of my wandering the streets trying to make sense of the world. The only thing that they have in common is that each one has lead me to imagine another narrative or suggested the basis for a short story. Most of the time I have no idea what it is I am photographing, I work quickly, without a plan, usually on my way from one place to the next and I photograph anything that catches my eye. Then I might spend several years thinking up a fictional narrative to go along with the image. So all of these photographs are the sparks that have then produced an accompanying fiction or sometimes a memory. Now the results of this long experiment are finally all together and have been published in a book called SPARKS.

Photographer: Stephen Leslie

Country: United Kingdom

Bio: Stephen Leslie (b.1970) I’m a writer and photographer based in London. I work as a filmmaker and scriptwriter, which has obviously influenced by photography and made me ever alert to interesting characters and situations on the street. I’m always looking for plots. My photographs have been used on book and album covers and even on a bottle of beer. My work was included in Hoxton Mini-Press’s recent Unseen London anthology. SPARKS is my first solo book.
For more information about SPARKS, check my website.