STREET PHOTOGRAPHY COLOGNE COLLECTIVE. The Street Photography Cologne Collective was founded in 2017 with the ambition to promote Street Photography as a contemporary art form.
For that purpose, the collective provides an open platform for street photographers from Greater Cologne to promote their subject or project-based work to the public and to get in touch with the local or national photography and art scene. We intend to collaborate with other alike initiatives, galleries, and museums, we organize joint exhibitions, photobook projects and support the individual activities of our members.
Especially in Cologne, a culturally diverse city with a long photographic history and host of the Photokina and Art Cologne trade fairs, we see a high potential to establish street photography as an art form. We are looking forward to your contact as an artist or potential partner.

COLLECTIVE | Street Photography Cologne

COUNTRY | Germany

MEMBERS | Christopher Reuter, Sven Hoffmann, Andreas Ott, Oliver Kühnel, David Shokoubheen.

Christopher Reuter
Sven Hoffmann
Andreas Ott
Oliver Kühnel
David Shokoubheen