Story Time | In a society that is becoming progressively isolated, with more people distracted by their devices, I find it important to capture images that show the wonder and tragedies people miss while looking down.
I walk for miles up and down the streets of Downtown Los Angeles looking to collide with a “moment” that only lasts for a fraction of a second.
My work consists of creating modern-day allegories found on the streets of everyday life through candid, unaltered photos in Los Angeles, California.
The process for capturing my work is instinctual as opposed to calculated. It is allowing the world to naturally orchestrate the collision of subject, setting, and objects that enhance the narrative. The themes of my work are as varied as the subjects I come across.
Moments that seek to shine a light on the social-economic changes, capture the humor and ironies of life, juxtapose man to the unseen magnitude of his surroundings, and document flashes of the human spirit.
My current project “I Will Heel You. I Will Save Your Soul. I Will Even Dye For U.” aims to document the slowly fading, and often overlooked, shoe repair industry and its workers in Los Angeles, California.
Although all photos are candid and unaltered, my work aims to view the city in a heightened perception of reality in order to tell these allegories of wonder and tragedies of modern life.
I believe these images contain an understanding related to the psyche of a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles.

COUNTRY | United States

BIO | Tony Salvagio was born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1988. He currently works in Los Angeles, CA.