Streets of India. India is a country with diversity. India is a place of cultural heritage. We are surrounded by people every time. Street Photography without human elements or rather without human emotions is just nothing.
The colors, diversity, the lifestyle of the streets of India is here. Have a look.


BIO | I’m a Kolkata Based Freelance Photographer and blogger. I love to capture every little emotion through my lens. The ever-flowing stream of human emotions has had always moved me from inside. For me, raw emotions are much alluring than any other power or construct. I believe that every frame is not just a painting; it always conveys a story- Stories of emotions. I completed my graduation from the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University and then I tried to build my career in Pharmaceutical Corporate Sector. Soon I realized that it was not my cup of Tea and from the year 2016 I stepped into the world of Photography.
For me Photography is not only a hobby or Passion, It’s a part of Politics…Its Mirror of Human life and their Emotions.