Superluna Collective. Superluna was founded in late 2016 as an international group of photographers. The idea came precisely on the 14/11/2016, day of the Super Moon phenomenon, hence the collective’s name.
Our members come from around the world, all sharing the same passion and goal: to photograph candid scenes without necessarily subscribing to a single “street photography” style. We strive to embrace different interpretation of the genre, all within the framework of un-staged photos taken in public. From literal to surreal, with vivid colors or in black and white, we hope to show the beauty, humor and strangeness of everyday life.

Collective: Superluna Collective

Members: Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, Daniele Martire, Max Landi, Melissa Breyer, Nico Ferrara, Roy Rozanski, Poupay Jutharat.

Artyt Lerdrakmongkol
Daniele Martire
Max Landi
Melissa Breyer
Nico Ferrara
Poupay Jutharat
Roy Rozanski