The World Is A Strange Place To Look At. What is it that holds the world together? What is the secret red thread that connects every place on earth despite all the differences? What are the similarities between everyday life in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Neukölln, Shimokitazawa, and Karakoy? Potentially quite some things, and in Sven Kräuter’s “The world is a strange place to look at” the global parallels that fascinate him the most are the movement of the people and the light they are dancing through. That, and the absurdities that lie hidden in everyday life. Hidden moments until you uncover them with photographs. These images are an extract from “The world is a strange place to look at” which consists of thirty-one images on 60 pages and was published in August 2018.

COUNTRY | Germany

BIO | The Berlin-based photographer Sven Kräuter lives in Neukölln and works on local and international photo projects. In the core, his photography evolves around the urban human condition. How do we live in big cities? What do we have in common all over the world? How do certain quarters change over time? In search of answers, Sven Kräuter delivers observations in the form of moments and juxtapositions. His photographs have been exhibited in Germany, Europe, and the USA, including at D&AD in London and at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco. In 2018, he launched “The World Is A Strange Place To Look At”, a series of zines in which he compiles his works. The first issue focuses on the similarities he has observed and documented worldwide.