There are things humans cannot force, and nature is one of those. However, some narratives are indeed made to be blended and reinterpreted by us. Given an input, poetry is to be found within one’s mind and our perspective.
Sylvain Biard’s «Man-Made Sun» series gives us insights into how to feel and connect more deeply with all that surrounds us, including nature. The series Eyeshot is presenting here today is a mix of two series, which the author thinks fit well together. The first half photographs are part of «Man-Made», a photography work about choices and the artifice we built together to make the world look like us. In fact, we put constraints on our surroundings to make them as we want them. The second half of the pictures comes from «Sunshine», a series that explores the projection of how humans integrate nature into the artificial structure of our world, and at the same time, how we exclude it. The two combined series shows us how nature can slowly reinvest the corridors of human artifice.


Sylvain Biard is a French photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. He graduated in Paris, France, from the School of Photography and Audiovisual EFET in 2006. He started his career as a cameraman and freelance editor. Later, he found a way to diversify his professional activities by offering his services in institutional photography, too. It marked the author’s first approach to photography and documentary series.
Sylvain Biard occupies the majority of his free time by thinking and carrying out personal photographic projects. Currently, he is a member of the French collective Fragment. The photo collective was born to promote a common culture through individual and group series drawn from street and documentary photography. At the moment, Sylvain Biard is working on long term photography projects.