Songbirds. The series ’Songbirds’ is a fantastic and haunting result of an exciting and difficult interior journey. The city became unrecognizable and strange, also haunting and beautiful. Like the distorted photos which have been saved too many times. The reality started to dissolve, became pixelated and grainy, clean and simple. The concrete was fractured, the details blurred, the colors faded. Shapeless buildings, unfamiliar streets, lost scents, paths, and memories. Photos within are like random frames, frozen moments from a movie’s film roll that is spinning too fast in the projector.
The series (with 30 photos) will be released at the end of October 2018.

Photographer: Tamas Andok

Country: Hungary

Bio: I’m Tamas Andok, a freelance documentary photographer from Budapest, Hungary. With my allegoric, surrealist, sometimes abstract images I like to blur the margins between photojournalism & fine arts. I love scratchy, foggy atmospheres, grainy and dynamic shots. I spend a lot of time walking up and down the streets to find little urban secrets or visit faraway unknown lands. My pictures are mostly fragments of stories; crucial essence is often hidden in pitch black shadows and leaking lights.