Street Photography is something Tang Tawanwad can truly enjoy, He likes to make a scene exciting when it’s ordinary and to use techniques of splashing flash, which brought him to join an international street photographer collective called “Full Frontal Flash”. His style is also humorous and focused on careful color research.


Tang Tawanwad Wanavit was born in 1991 and is a professional cinematographer living in Thailand, shooting commercials and film for living at Hyphen & Slash Creative Studio. Street Photography is his passion. Started shooting in early 2017, he likes to exaggerate his pictures so that something ordinary becomes exciting.
He’s been a Finalist in StreetFoto San Francisco 2019, 1 of 3 Winners of Emerging Talent of Milan Street Photography Emerging Talent Contest 2019, 2nd Place Winner of London Street Photography Contest 2019, Finalist in Miami Street Photography Festival 2019.