The world is accelerating its digital transformation in many areas. In that regard, «Analog project» is a way of slowing down to regain some perspective in everything we do. With these strange times we live in, the photographer felt the reflect on what could be of the world after the pandemic. As an IT engineer, he saw a drastic change coming in every field of our life, where adaptation will be a required skill to navigate the modern world. Whether it could be an opportunity in some ways, it will be challenging on many other levels. The more the author thought about this ultra-fast change, the more nostalgic he became. As a reaction to that paradoxical concept, he sold his digital camera and got an old manual analogue camera. From his point of view, colour film rolls were the necessary tools that incarnate the nostalgia itself, and would allow to navigate through time. All that was left was hitting the streets with a Leica M6, and a 35mm Kodak Gold film.


Tarek Zaigouche was born in 1985 in Batna, Algeria. He is currently based in Antibes, France.
He loves to walk with his camera on while observing his surroundings. Travelling far from home or in the streets of his city, he is always open to what the streets can give him. His approach is to try to see the world with a kid’s eye and get surprised by the moment that unfolds. He seeks for that subtle and unique instant where the chaos of the street gets suddenly organised to offer us beauty and poetry before vanishing again in the blink of an eye. As he says, he goes out without any specific purpose, and he is excited when thinking of having captured something interesting. In 2018 Tarek won the award for the Maghreb Photographer of the Year, and later on he was a finalist in some of the most important photography contests in the world. He exhibited his works in Ukraine, 2017, and Morocco, 2018.