ABnimal. I like to go out and take street photographs while imagining myself as Indiana Jones who is wading through the jungle, searching and hunting for exotic animals to add to his collection. The only difference is that I do that right in the city. While carrying on my daily life, the animals I see are domestic and ordinary, but I always search for an exotic perspective to portray them.
ABnimal is the collection of my version of abnormal animals that I had hunted and took back as the prize to be displayed in my so called mansion.

Photographer: Thanasorn Janekankit

Country: Thailand

Bio: Thanasorn Janekankit is usually known to everyone as “Rab Thanasorn”. He was born in Thailand in 1981. He has been working in an advertising agency in Bangkok, Thailand for more than 10 years. He is ranked Top 15 creative in Asia.
He started (a serious hobby) shooting street photo 2 years ago. All of his photos are taken from the places that he visited. Rab also applies his perception from his work to create his own street photography’s style.
Now, he’s one of The New Wave Thai Street Photographers, ranked by famous street photographer, Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, and many street photography’s blogs in Thailand.
His works has selected for show in several countries, International Photography festival, Photography Blogs including Italian Street Photo Festival, StreetFoto San Francisco, and many more. He won an award from Sony World Photography Award 2018 (National Award-2nd).
And he is one of the members of “Street Nowhere” The newest street photographer collective in Thailand.