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Eyeshot Collection #9: Richard Koci Hernandez’s

“The Geometry of Life”

The Geometry of Life” is the first photography monograph of the Award-winning visual storyteller Richard Koci Hernandez, with a foreword by Ben Lowy. 147 photographs bring us on a journey filled with nostalgia and mystery.

Available 500 limited-edition copies autographed by Richard Koci Hernandez:
470 White Editions
30 Black Editions

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© Richard Koci Hernandez
© Richard Koci Hernandez
© Richard Koci Hernandez
150 Limited Edition Postcards (16,5×11,5cm)
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Limited Edition Print 1/30

The White and Black Editions differ in one thing and one thing only.

Each Black Edition contains one unique Fine Art Photograph (30×21 cm – printed on Hahnemühle FineArt paper with pigment inks and tested for longevity) that has never been printed for sale before. Available through the purchasing of this book only.

Eyeshot aims to keep every publication limited-edition in quantity and quality.

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Black Edition © Stavros Stamatiou

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The Photographer

Stavros Stamatiou

Stavros Stamatiou is a Greek photographer and teacher based in Peraia, Greece. He grew up at the edge of a small town known for its electric power industries—however, he had always been very close to nature and his dear grandparents, refugees from Asia Minor. Their stories about the past fired up not only his imagination but a profound excitement about everything that was carrying the traces of time

© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez
The monograph

“Street as a Mirror”

As the first book of the Greek photographer, “Street as a Mirror” is a powerful depiction of the world in which we all live. For Stavros, each and every photograph must be candid and unstaged—he captures the ‘making in the making’ of every moment, observing reality as it becomes an experience. Like Ermis Kasapis put it, some would say that this is the magic of photographic art.

© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez
In details

The photographic journey

“The bizarre, the surreal, the hidden, the poetry of everyday life”, are the things that inspire Stavros Stamatiou. He photographs without a plan, at all hours of the day and night. “Street as a Mirror” is an attempt to impress on paper this strong connection with his subconscious, the counterpoint between the depiction of reality and fantasy at the level of one’s experience.

© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez
The photographer’s vision
“I feel deeply attracted to the surrealism of everyday life and the poetry of ordinary things […] that can be used to create my own reality, my photographic world. After all, photography is [nothing but] a lie”.
© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez
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© Richard Koci Hernandez

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