Nocturnus. Why Nocturnus? I don’t really know; well, I know but I have not really defined it yet. But can you really define what depression is? Yes, of course there is the medical definition. But don’t we all have within us a dark side?
This is this dark side that I wish to define and the only way for me is to put it into picture. Of course this picture should be black and white, as for me, these are the perfect colors to reflect this hopeless and funeral feeling.
But at the same time, it must be calm, silent, like when you are deep down this vertiginous hole. Yes, depression can be beautiful as well ; like this lady in white that embrace you with her arms to better imprison you, like love does with your body and soul ; beautiful if not venomous. The picture must be all of these at the same time to represent what is Nocturnus.

Photographer: Thibaut Goarant

Country: Japan

Bio: I am born on the 4th of January 1978 in Quimper, Brittany, France. I studied in a graduate business school before to enter in one of the major automobile group.
My great passions are photography, especially Todd Hido and Daido Moriyama, and music.
I started photography lately when I was 37 years old (I am now 40) but I do not recognize myself as a photographer yet.
I live nowadays in Japan since 2014 and I just left a big town to live in the country side.