DeadliNNe Vision. My submission it´s my vision of the world, what I most like to watch and what makes me interested. I like to work in old style, it makes me feel more what I am capturing and also the mood around.

Photographer: Tiago Costa

Country: Portugal

Bio: For me, street photography is a kind of photograph like the others, however, I think it is the one that best suits my personality. It’s a style where you do not control anything, but where you do not have to control either, because I would never have the patience to ask a model to raise her leg or her arm, wait for make-up people, for the people of the lights etc … it’s not my world. Here, in street, I count with me… you do not control people, you do not control the light, you do not control the space and the moment … You follow your intuition.
What I like the most in this style is that you get people and moments in the most genuine and relaxed possible way, “it’s life man!”. I have my blows, I recognize, I like to photograph essentially people out of normal and degraded spaces that once were something grandiose. The world today seems more and more personalized as you can choose everything to your taste and your measure, but at the end, streets are more and more homogeneous… Today you go out in Lisbon streets, You go to London, or you go in Moscow and we all use H&M, Nike, Adidas etc… and we all walk with our heads glued to a touchscreen … Yaaa … it’s Globalization!! It’s killing the regional behavioral culture … So I like to photograph different things, without worrying that this difference is ugly or beautiful … just different, and it needs to catch my attention.
Ah, my name is Tiago Costa, I’m 28 years old, I found photography in 2015, I’m from Lisbon, I studied Marketing, I work as a consultant at a Tech Company and I love going out at 6:00 pm, undressing my shirt, putting on some sneakers and pick my “Gun” and shootout on Lisbon streets.
I like (I´m really addicted) to use film, and I really don´t want to change it! I think it´s more real, hard to get (it makes you think more and shoot less), and also artistic.