Domestic (Dis)order. This ongoing project started with the birth of my eldest daughter as the only solution I could find to carrying on with the type of photography I was interested in as well as fulfilling and enjoying my new role as a dad (not letting the ‘pram in the hallway’ be any obstacle to art). I’ve documented my world through a camera for more than 20 years, and always strived to capture the surreal yet honest side of life, so traditional family photography has never interested me – soft-focus babies in teacups and all that jazz. When we look back at this (now huge) archive of work as a family, I hope it goes some way to providing a truthful record of our lives during these years, and an insight to why their old dad seemed to have one left hand and one right camera.

Photographer: Tim Topple

Country: United Kingdom

Bio: I’m a UK-based photographer, inspired by old family snapshots and the hinterland of domestic lives… A snapshot aesthetic and a fast and loose shooting style – honed on 35mm street photography and since tamed and brought indoors – informs the look of most of my work.