The “Karniagiz” series reflects Tolga Taçmahal’s journey to the northeast of İzmir, 1765 km from the photographer’s home, where he went to discover and confront his roots. Taçmahal traveled from İzmir to the village of Yeşilpnar, known today as Kars Selim Karnıağız, to explored the places where his family originated and to meet the life in the village, which he documented with black and white panoramic photographs.


Tolga Taçmahal is a geography teacher and street photographer. Tolga was born in 1977 in Izmir (Turkey) and graduated from the Ege University, Department of Geography in 1998. His passion for photography originated in 2004 and it hasn’t stop since then. He is currently a member of the Turkuaz Street, Turkey’s most important street photography collective.