Leftover America | For over thirty years, through his photographs and narratives, Tom Jenz has been capturing the spirit and soul of rural and small-town America through the parts that are often overlooked.
Tom rarely drives a four-lane highway or a busy road. Instead, he keeps to the farm and ranch roads.
He is searching for a photographic opportunity: a veteran farmer, a dying town, a barbershop, an old farmhouse, rusty pickup, tavern, or a country church, and those traditional folks who will share their tales with him, all visual metaphors from leftover America.

COUNTRY | United States

BIO | His photographs live through his artistic influences: Walker Evans, Dorthea Lange, Robert Frank, Arthur Rothstein, and Edward Hopper. Tom currently resides in the midwest state of Wisconsin but has lived in Michigan, Minnesota and California, and has driven the back roads and city streets of many more states.
Tom Jenz images have appeared in his fine arts photo book, Forgotten America, Images & Thoughts by Tom Jenz; Blue Highway Greeting Cards series, by Tom Jenz; Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography; Woodwalk Gallery, Door County, WI. Los Angeles Times Magazine; The Atlantic Monthly; Double Take Magazine; American Photography Magazine; PDN Magazine; Rangefinder Magazine, Feature; Hallmark Cards; Minneapolis Star and Tribune Sunday Magazine; St Paul Pioneer Press, St Paul, Minnesota; Coalition of Photographic Arts, Milwaukee; City Pages, Minneapolis; Shepherd Express Weekly, Milwaukee Wisconsin; The Isthmus, Madison Wisconsin; Justified Art Exhibit, Madison WI; Photo Midwest Exhibit; Minneapolis Institute of the Arts (group showing); Works on Paper, San Francisco; Fine Arts Prints, Los Angeles; ArtMeMe Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey; Minnesota Public Television; Capture Wisconsin Online Gallery; Getty Images, Seattle.