The inevitability of the Sea. Old and forgotten, the Italian border town of Trieste (Italy) has in the waterfront, not so much a beach but a 4 km seafront promenade only a few bus stops away from the center of town, its largest characterization. The old beach-resorts and the placid waters of the Adriatic sea serve as a frame for a bizarre reality where time simply stands still. A present steeped in the past and a future continuously postponed. In Trieste, there is no escape from the sea and the city dwellers let themselves go with this inevitable circumstance.


BIO | Born in Genova (Italy) in 1977, I approach photography in my early 20s as I used to work for a photo lab in a seaside town. From 2015 to 2016 I attended a masterclass in photo reportage at the WSP collective in Rome which enabled me to turn a hobby into a real passion and to shift my focus from single photos to long term projects. To me, wandering around with my camera and seeing through its lenses the reality surrounding me is an act of pure freedom and imagination. In love with the places and habits that still remain unchanged over time, my subjects are often a mirror where I can reflect my emotions and myself.