Codex Sardinia. The scenario of my shots is mainly my Island, Sardinia. Being a land full of events related to tradition, I often go to shoot at village festivals, religious events, or, when possible, country festivals. In general, however, the scene of my shots are small countries. In my shots, so it is easy to find elderly people (especially women) that in Sardinia, especially in the central countries of the island, still dress with the clothes of the past, or people in traditional clothing when tied to folk events.


BIO | I was born in Sardinia in 1972. I start to photograph about 8 years ago when, with a small bridge, I try to immortalize landscapes near my house. The passion grows exponentially, so I try to deepen and I buy an SLR, and I dedicate myself completely to landscape photography.
Later I started to get interested in reportage photography, as my land is full of events concerning tradition and folklore (from carnival to the rites of Holy Week) until it has become almost preponderant. The need, therefore, arose to insert the human element, which led me, in time, to abandon the landscape photography, and to have as natural evolution street photography, which I consider more congenial, and which I follow with constancy from about two years. That’s why when I go to shoot at events, my way of shooting always comes from street photography.