Ever So Transparent Sofia. Sofia is where my photographic journey began. Most of the people I know find this city a dull, grey and boring place to be. Not me. Yeah, we have the most polluted air in the European Union, but there are also vibrant, colorful beings hiding behind transparent surfaces, just waiting to be noticed.

COUNTRY | Bulgaria

BIO | Born in Svishtov, Bulgaria in 1984. At the moment I live and work in Sofia. Have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I’ve been appreciating photography in all of its forms as long as I can remember, but never thought to try and take pictures seriously until 3 years ago. Needed a break from my working environment, something to keep me moving in a creative way. I’m mostly interested in colors, shapes, people, and signs of human presence in my surroundings. I look at my pictures as a visual representation of everyday reality. They don’t have special meaning or hidden message. Of course, every rule has its exception. Member of BULB collective since January 2018.