«Multiverse» is a project started in 2016 as the result of four years of experimenting on the streets. The concept was to bring something new into street photography, which is different in appearance, but still involves the classic visual elements, such as composition, layers, gestures, and colours. The idea was to find universal imagery to capture the complexity of everyday life in a modern urban setting, depicting the human condition. Through this, they intended to capture intersecting slices in time of a beautiful, confused world. «Multiverse» became a fusion of street, documentary and experimental photography, where the camera is their tool to capture cross-sections of time and space. By merging the pictures, they were able to express the presence of the virtual and physical world, appearing in an abstract, surreal way.
To shoot this project, the authors used analogue cameras. Digital cameras allow you to see the previous image when shooting double exposure, and this will influence the next picture rather than giving you artistic freedom. Moreover, the two photographers swapped the rolls with each another to shoot the second layer of images. Combining two unrepeatable moments by two different photographers in one frame has made it possible to give a unique character and look to the pictures. Pictures come straight from the camera without any manipulations, showing how limitations push your creativity to the maximum.


Vera and Robert are two Hungarian photographers that have been working together for ten years as two merged elements, two minds, four eyes, one heart, one soul, and one picture. They tried to find a universal imagery to capture the complexity of human beings, their everyday life, and their environment. To date, their greatest challenge has always been interpreting the world around them, which is difficult to understand due to the ever-changing chaotic nature of today. However, photography helps in both recording and realising this manic jungle of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Their projects have been featured by Courrier International, LFI Leica Fotografie International, AMICA International, The Independent Photographer, FotoRoom.co, and Leica Camera Blog.