Vito dell’Orto moved to Seville in 2010 and began documenting the festivals and traditions of the city – such as La Semana Santa and La Feria de Abril. His “Sevillanas” series is a tribute to women, flamenco, and the vibrant colors of Seville. Vito dell’Orto captures the dynamic and cheerful nature of Seville’s rituals and customs that can be found all over the city, urging you to dance with its seductive movements and developing into style, aesthetics, and unceasing seduction. Everywhere is a burst of color: yellow, red, light blue, orange, and blue.


Dell’Orto approached photography about 20 years ago – “It was a sudden flash that broke my daily routine”. He perceives photography as an illusory way to stop time and save a few things from oblivion. He experimented with different photographic genres before focusing on street and documentary photography. His interest in street and documentary photography comes for its extremely dynamic, contemporary and innovative nature, which narrates ordinary life in a unique way, providing great opportunities for the creation of creative work.