Simple things. This is the story about beauty in simple things and simple life. I travel all around the world and looking for places which still have their unique and authenticity, people who still have real emotions. But that places are disappearing and all cities and counties are becoming the same. I want to show everyone this uniqueness of India.

Photographer: Vladimir Mordvinov

Country: Russia

Bio: I was born on November 7, 1985, in Krasnoyarsk city. I still live there. In 2007 I have graduated from Siberian Federal University with the specialty “Physics of space”. While studying at the university I got carried away with photography. A few years after graduation, I became a successful commercial photographer in my hometown. In 2011 I have opened a photo studio (one of the first in the city) that still works. I worked in almost all genres of photography but stopped at a food photography. Since 2017, I am a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia. Also, I’m a traveler. I began to get carried away with a street photography a few years ago.