The street is a big theater. And here, ordinary people become stars.
Wenpeng Lu’s vision of street photography is not dependent on journalism or documentary. His quest for reality results in resolutely graphic images, sometimes bordering on the abstract. At first glance, in his “Street Theater” series, people can appear as so many cardboard silhouettes, ghosts or even avatars. They do not seem to be protagonists of their own life, at full service of the photographic frame.
On the contrary, in the author’s view, people are unsung heroes, strong enough to leave their mark on the abstract geometry of their environment. His gaze looks with admiration and respect from a distance. Regardless of anonymity, everyday people give meaning to the image. Wenpeng Lu’s photographic writing in “Street Theater” is that of their light. He is but only a spectator, walking around with his camera to witness their grandiosity.


Wenpeng Lu is a Chinese photographer based in Paris, France. Born in China to a photographer father, he settled in France in 2002 and had a long experience as a multimedia designer and motion designer in a Parisian communication agency. These years spent alone in front of a screen inspired him with a vital need to immerse himself in street life and to restore a balance between reality and virtuality.
He bought his first SLR camera in 2008 in New York and began to travel in search of images at the crossroads of anthropology, architecture and humanism. These themes are the essence of several projects, like “Street Color and Shadows”, which was the subject of a book published in China in 2017. Wenpeng Lu won awards in Europe, Asia and the United States. His photography work was subject to numerous publications.