«Humor me!» is a series focusing on urban spaces as friendly companions, where a laugh is always near.
Ordinary life can be amusing, indeed, and the author of this series is effectively conveying compelling stories. At the same time, he is giving us the perfect recipe for fun while enjoying our day out in the city. If you are at the mall or waiting at the side of the road, you may surprise yourself by stopping and looking to your surroundings. By adjusting your point of view, and getting the perspective just right, you might find the strangest things waiting to be discovered.
Thinking outside the box and being able to capture things with irony is one of the fundamental themes of this photographer’s work. He is always experimenting with candid elements and scenes, while mastering the ability to look at things in unexpected ways. The outcome of his research is a fair and honest representation of the places he knows better, crafting his own narrative with amusement—well hidden in the details of his pictures.
«Humor me!» is the manifesto of looking at life with casualness, without ever forgetting to seek the best and the funniest in everything. Humour and irony are powerful tools that can lighten up not only the author’s day, but also the day of those he decides to share it with.


Wilfredo Fetiza III is a full time 35 years old husband and father, an engineering professional by choice and an outdoor and photography enthusiast by chance. He found himself fascinated by shooting street photography to balance the technical aspects of corporate work in his life. In need of a lighter approach to everyday challenges, he often enriches his photographic research with irony.