In many ways we value the view of a space through windows or balconies of various heights, to the point that we are willing to pay extra to observe spectacular scenes. As a photographer and architect, Wong Wei Him finds that learning to appreciate what goes on behind that looking glass surprises and gratifies him in equal measure.
Making reference to a classic novel by Lewis Carrol, the expression of looking glass has a double meaning in the English language. One of the two expressions is “mirror”, while the second means ”contrary to what is expected”.


Wong Wei Him, born in 1975, is a street photographer and architect based in Hong Kong. At first, he used the camera to search for special spaces and exquisite design details as inspiration for his design projects. Over time, it has become a habit for him to carry his camera with him wherever he goes. When he sees something that intrigues him or touches him, he cannot help but photograph it.
It was when he came across the work of the Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt and the work of the Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi, so peculiar is the angle with which they reflect culture and humanity through their photos, that he decided to pursue street photography, and since then photography has become one of his great passions.