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Welcome to Eyeshot, where your passion for street and documentary photography finds a global stage. We offer two distinct pathways for photographers to share their vision and work. First, our magazine series invites you to submit single photographs and/or series capturing diverse cultures and urban landscapes across various countries. Submission is entirely free; this platform showcases your work in editions focused on the rich tapestry of life worldwide. Secondly, for those with a comprehensive photographic project, we present the opportunity to submit for a monograph publication fully funded by Eyeshot, providing a seamless path to bring your photographic project to life. This is an invitation to photographers with a cohesive body of work that narrates a compelling story, offering a deeper dive into your thematic exploration.

Eyeshot is a hub for storytelling through photography, promoting cultural connection and artistic expression. Ready to share your perspective with the world? Join us at Eyeshot and start your journey today.

Capture the World: Submit to Eyeshot Magazine

Dive into the vibrant world of street and documentary photography with Eyeshot Magazine. Submission is entirely free, welcoming all photographers—from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic amateurs—to share your most captivating shots for our Countries & Cities Around the World editions. Each magazine is a curated collection of images that explore the essence and heartbeat of different countries, telling stories through the lens of diverse cultures, bustling urban life, and the unique moments that define them. This is your chance to contribute to a global gallery of human experiences, showcasing your ability to capture the spirit of a place and its people. Whether it’s the lively streets of Tokyo, the colorful chaos of India, or the historical depth of Italy, we want to see your perspective on the world. Your work could be the next to join our prestigious series, celebrated and seen by an international audience passionate about photography.

Follow our submission guidelines to ensure your photographs stand out. Join us in documenting the world one snapshot at a time, and see your work published in Eyeshot Magazine.

Shin Noguchi Eyeshot2

Japan: “Contrasts in Motion”

Japan presents a unique stage for street photography, where tradition and innovation intersect in crowded streets. We seek shots that tell these dynamics, capturing spontaneous moments of daily life, from the energy of cities like Tokyo to the serene atmospheres of Kyoto.

Voneet Vohra 15 Eyeshot

India: “Vibrancy of the Streets”

Dive into the streets of India, a true kaleidoscope of emotions and colors. We invite photographers to document Indian street life, with its bustling scenes, lively markets, and authentic expressions of life that define this country’s cultural identity.

Fabio Renzi Eyeshot

Italy: “Scenes of Italian Life”

Italy, with its cities full of history, offers endless opportunities to capture the essence of street photography. We are looking for shots that reflect beauty in everyday routines, from the animated streets of Rome to the cafés of Venice, where life unfolds in an open-air theatre.

Sehmuz Bayhan Eyeshot

United States: “Urban Chronicles”

From the iconic streets of New York to the alternative vibes of San Francisco, the United States presents a rich fabric of contexts for street photography. Share your urban observations, capturing spontaneous life moments that narrate the diverse American stories.

Siodos 11 Eyeshot

France: “Diverse Landscapes and Daily Life”

France presents a rich tapestry of experiences, perfect for exploration through the lens of photography. We seek photographs capturing this country’s diverse atmosphere, from serene moments in Provence’s lavender fields to the vibrant heart of Paris, and the lively daily life in small towns and rural villages.

Andrea Torrei Eyeshot 3

Cuba: “Cuban Stories”

Cuba reveals itself through its streets, where every corner tells a story. We are interested in photographs capturing the essence of Cuban life, from chess games played on the sidewalk to classic cars adorning the streets, witnessing resilience and joie de vivre.

O Gustavo Minas 4 Web

Brazil: “Rhythms of the Street”

Brazil, with its boundless energy and street culture, offers a vibrant stage for street photography. We invite participants to immerse themselves in its cities, documenting genuine interactions, street carnivals, and everyday scenes that express the Brazilian spirit.

Sakulchai Eyeshot  12 Eyeshot

Thailand: “Vibrant Street Scenes”

Explore Thailand’s lively streets, from the bustling markets of Bangkok to the serene alleys of Chiang Mai. We’re looking for shots that capture the vibrant interactions and the blend of tradition and modernity in Thai urban life.

Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi Eyeshot 9

Bangladesh: “Life in Motion”

Dive into the heart of Bangladesh, capturing the resilience and warmth of its people. From Dhaka’s dynamic streets to the tranquil moments in rural areas, share your insights into the rich tapestry of Bangladeshi street life.

7 Siegfried Hansen 2011 London Eyeshot

Germany: “Capturing Germany’s Urban Beat”

Dive into the heart of Germany’s urban landscapes, from Berlin’s graffiti-covered walls to Munich’s historic squares. Seek out candid moments that reflect the daily rhythm and cultural diversity of Germany’s cities. We’re looking for dynamic shots that capture the essence of German street life, where tradition and modernity collide.

Drew Hopper Eyeshot 1

Australia: “Australia’s Diverse Streets”

Australia offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban vibrancy. From Sydney’s bustling harborside to Melbourne’s laneways filled with street art, capture the lively moments and diverse cultures that animate Australia’s streets. Focus on the spontaneous interactions and vibrant urban scenes that tell the story of Australia’s cities.

Chris Harrison Eyeshot

United Kingdom: “UK’s Street Stories”

The streets of the United Kingdom are steeped in history and alive with contemporary culture. From London’s iconic landmarks to the historic lanes of Edinburgh, we invite you to capture the stories that unfold in the UK’s urban centers. Look for moments of everyday life, cultural expressions, and the unique character that defines British street photography.

Emre Cakmak Eyeshot

Turkey: “Dynamic Streets of Turkey”

Capture the essence of Turkey’s street life, where ancient meets modern. Focus on the energy of Istanbul’s bazaars, Ankara’s lively streets, and Izmir’s urban pulse. We’re looking for candid moments that showcase the vibrant culture and diverse experiences of Turkey’s cities.

ivan margot eyeshot street photography

Morocco: “Vibrant Moroccan Streets”

Explore Morocco’s colorful and chaotic street scenes. From Marrakech’s busy souks to Chefchaouen’s serene alleys, we seek images that uncover the heart of Morocco’s urban life. Capture the essence of its markets, traditions, and people.

Juan Rodriguez Morales Eyeshot

Spain: “Spain’s Urban Pulse”

Spain’s streets are alive with energy and tradition. From Barcelona’s artistic lanes to Madrid’s bustling plazas, capture the spontaneous moments that define Spanish street life. Show us the vibrancy and spirit of Spain through your lens.

Lukas Vasilikos 00086 Eyeshot

Greece: “Dynamic Streets of Greece”

Explore the vitality of Greece’s streets, from Athens’ vibrant markets to island alleys. Capture candid moments and local interactions that highlight the spirited life in Greek urban and town settings. Show us the essence of Greece through its bustling street scenes.

Eyeshot 7 Eyeshot

Share Photos from Unlisted Countries

If your photo captures a country not listed on our page, don’t worry! We’re eager to explore every corner of the globe through your lens. Use the link below to upload your work, ensuring to specify the country where it was taken. We welcome unique perspectives from all locations, expanding our collection with your diverse experiences. Your contribution helps us connect more stories and perspectives worldwide. Join us in showcasing the unseen and the untold, one photo at a time.

Barry Talis Eyeshot 10

Publish Your Vision: Eyeshot Monograph Submission

Eyeshot invites visionary photographers to embark on a unique publishing journey with us. If you have a compelling photographic project that tells a story in depth, we offer the opportunity to publish your work as a dedicated monograph. We are looking for projects that showcase a series of 15 photographs as a glimpse into a larger, cohesive body of work, ready to be explored and appreciated in book form.

The publication of your book will be fully funded by Eyeshot, providing a seamless path to bring your photographic project to life in the form of a dedicated monograph. Selected projects will result in a publishing contract with Eyeshot guaranteeing fair earnings for the authors, ensuring that your creativity is not only showcased but also rewarded.

This call is for projects that not only exhibit exceptional photographic skill but also tell a story that needs to be seen and read. Your project should capture a theme, a place, or a narrative that resonates on a personal or universal level. If your work meets our criteria and carries the depth, nuance, and aesthetic coherence fitting for a monograph, we invite you to submit your application for consideration.

Initial Submission with Comprehensive Archive

Submit a selection of 15 photographs as an introduction to your project, ensuring you have a comprehensive archive of at least 200 photographs related to the project in your portfolio. This approach allows us to assess the depth and potential of your work for further selection and curation, aiming to create a monograph that truly captures the essence and breadth of your narrative.

Clear Title and Description

A compelling title and a clear, concise description of your project are essential. This helps to immediately convey the essence and intent of your work to the selection committee, providing a context that enriches the visual narrative.

Cohesive Narrative Structure

Your project should have a coherent narrative or thematic structure, guiding the viewer through the series in a way that is engaging and meaningful. This structure is crucial for monograph projects, as it transforms a collection of images into a compelling story.

Cultural Sensitivity and Ethical Considerations

Projects should be undertaken with cultural sensitivity and ethical considerations in mind, especially when dealing with sensitive subjects or communities. Respect for the dignity and rights of all subjects photographed is paramount.

Advanced Stage

Your photographic project should be in an advanced stage of development. This indicates that you have substantially explored your theme or narrative, with the majority of the work completed and ready for editorial review and selection.

High-Resolution Requirements

All submitted files must be in high resolution and suitable for print. This ensures that the quality of your images meets the high standards necessary for publication in a printed monograph, capturing every detail and nuance of your work.

Originality and Creativity

We look for projects that stand out for their originality and creative approach. Your work should offer a new perspective or insight, pushing the boundaries of traditional photography to create something truly unique.

Eyeshot Book  Open Call

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