NY Lights & Shadows | The City of everyone’s imagination, the mecca for migrants from all over the world, the world’s epicenter for good and for evil.
Electric and shadowy, funny but sometimes tragic. All races mix and mingle in a vibrant crazy dance, and yet, they also hide in lights and shadows. Day or night, the magic never stops. What you don’t find here simply doesn’t exist. If your are bored of New York, you are bored of life.

COUNTRY | United States

BIO | I grew up in Buenos Aires, became a photographer in Europe and I am now living between New York and Brussels. My life has influenced the way I look at the people around me. I have always lived in big cities with a large floating population, which naturally led me to empathize with them. We are all migrants in different ways, moving around trying to improve our lot in life. I try to capture this human dynamic in my photography, made of hopes fulfilled or shattered, with its drama and contradictions, the odyssey of human life. My work has been exhibited around the world in 17 countries of Europe, America and Asia, including 4 Individual exhibitions and over 40 Collective exhibitions. I won the Second Prize at the Brussels Street Photography Festival 2019 and was Finalist at the Miami Street Photography Festival, StreetFoto San Francisco, Italian Street Photo Festival and Brussels Street Photography Festival several times.
I am Ambassador and Jury of Women Street Photographers, curated by Gulnara Samoilova and based in New York; and Curator of Fotografas LATAM, an international group of Latin American women photographers. I am a member of the Little Box Collective, a group of street photographers from all over the world.
I give Street Photography Workshops, I am also a Curator and Jury of photography exhibitions.